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Want to know what it takes to become a working actor?

The experienced team at Fix It Films will be holding information workshops in JUNE in a number of areas. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER to get up to date information on place, day and times.

We offer insider knowledge and tips on how to get into the acting industry - and what you need to know to become a working actor 🎥

This workshop is for anyone who would like to break into the acting industry. We will among other things cover:

⭐️ What is a good acting profile and why you need one 
⭐️ The importance and the look of good profile pictures and showreel
⭐️ The right questions to ask when getting into the industry
⭐️ How to best prepare for an audition 
⭐️ How to find and what to look for in an Agent
⭐️ The differences between Casting Agents and Casting Producers 
⭐️ What you need to achieve your goals

This workshop will teach you the ins and outs of the acting industry and the process involved in becoming a working actor. Get the insider tips that will ensure that your casting application stands out from the crowd!

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